Back and neck pain, leg cramps, muscular pain are all common ailments reducing the average individual’s ability to enjoy life and participate in activities of daily living. Muscle pain can be extremely intense. It can reduce a person’s ability to function in many ways. When muscles spasm, they can clamp down around nerves and irritate nerve ending which can result in severe burning shooting pain. Many individuals look to narcotics and surgical intervention for pain relief when many times if they would seek out interventions to reduce muscle spasm their pain level would be reduced greatly.

How muscles work

To understand the treatments for muscle pain one must understand muscle anatomy and physiology. How muscle work will allow you to understand the reason behind many of the over the counter treatment options. There is a special component in each muscle fiber called the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum. What? Yes. Big words; easy concept. This is where all the magic takes place when your muscles relax and contract. Two main substances run the show. The minerals Calcium and Magnesium. The main thing to understand is the fact that Calcium and Magnesium always move in opposite directions of each other. When one moves into a cell the other moves out. So the main thing to focus on is the fact that they need to be in a healthy balance in order for your body to work the way it was meant to. A muscle contracts when calcium is in-fluxed into the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum. The influx causes small threads in the muscle fiber to contract. The higher the influx the stronger the contraction. On the other hand, a muscle relaxes when magnesium is in-fluxed into the same area and calcium moves out. It is a constant dance between these two minerals every time you move a muscle.

Magnesium Levels

The diet of many individuals is poor in magnesium. This is especially true of elderly adults who do not get enough rich minerals in their daily diet. People with poor diets and elderly times have co-existing disease processes that interfere with Calcium and Magnesium absorption. Therefore, these individuals are prone to muscle cramping and spasm more than the average person. Supplementing your diet with foods rich in Calcium ( Broccoli, almonds, kale, figs) and Magnesium (Dark chocolate, avocados, almonds) is a great start to keep this balance in check.


Over the counter supplements are available in multiple strength levels. One must be careful not to take too much as side effects can ensue if your levels get too high.

Magnesium is a great muscle relaxant that also comes in the form of topical creams, sprays, and ointments. I use and highly recommend a product called Magsoothium. It is miraculous in the way that it relaxes muscle cramps and spasms and also relieves back and neck pain. Pros: it works quickly within a half hour, non greasy. Cons: If you are sensitive to perfumes, the lavender scent is hard to tolerate. I am sensitive to perfumes and I use the spray form. it does not have a scent and works just as well.

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