How to Tell if Your Body is Burning Fat

When you’ve been working out regularly, eating a healthy diet, and doing everything seemingly correct in order to shift some pounds, it’s nice to see a few signs that your body is in fact burning some fat. Thankfully, there are several signs that you can look out for in order to discover whether or not you’re burning fat.

Your clothes are loose

If you’re burning fat around your body, you’ll start noticing that your clothes either fit better or fit looser after a few weeks. This might not be immediate, but after a few weeks, you’ll really start to tell. Although this means you have to buy new clothes in many cases, it’s a great feeling to know that your hard work is paying off and you’re dropping a dress size or two.

You are losing inches

As well as losing weight by weighing yourself on the scale, you will also be losing inches if your body is burning fat. You should take measurements of different parts of your body when you start trying to lose weight. Measure your thighs, hips, waist, arms and calves, along with any other areas you want to record measurements of, such as your neck or wrists (and even fingers!). Measurement changes normally take longer than weight loss that you see on the scale, so try not to measure yourself too often. Once a month is normally a healthy amount to aim for, and you should see differences that you can track and be proud of.

People ask if you’re losing weight

While many people like to avoid the topic of weight for fear of offending people, if you’re starting to change, people will definitely want to comment. You’ll find yourself being asked if you’ve lost weight or being told simply that you’re looking great. This is a sure sign that your body is burning fat and other people besides yourself are starting to notice it.

You’ll have more energy

You might have previously gotten very tired after a short exercise session, but now you don’t have to worry too much since you’re experiencing more energy during workouts. Rather than being able to exercise constantly for half an hour, you’ll be able to go 45 minutes or even an hour before you really get tired out and feel the need to stop.

You’ll feel better overall

As well as looking smaller, you’ll feel healthier and more energized in general. This is arguably the best part about losing the fat that your body doesn’t need – you’ll have improved self-confidence and overall health.

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