Gone Fishing

It was a cool crisp morning today as I walked around one of my favorite lakes. I have watched many nature shows and have seen bald eagles fishing on television. But never have I ever witnessed it in person. I watched as this majestic eagle circled over the water. Round and round, soaring with precision over the water. And then in an instant, down he went splashing into the surface of the lake. It made such a slapping sound on the water that it had to grab your attention. Up he came with a fish. It was exhilarating and tragic at the same time. It was exciting to experience the exactness of the catch and yet somehow I felt bad for the fish. As I walked along I began to think of how strong the eagle was and the benefits of fish on the body.

The most important benefit of eating fish is the fact that they are high in omega-3 fatty acids. Interestingly, your body does not make omega-3’s. You must get them from you diet, either in the form of a supplement or food source. After consuming omega-3’s they become part of the cell membranes throughout the body and assist with the actual functioning of the cell. Cells love omega-3’s they accumulate as much as possible. Once accumulated the omega-3’s exert many effects on body tissues. There are two main benefits. They reduce inflammation by decreasing certain cells ability to synthesize different inflammatory mediators. Secondly, omega 3 Fatty acids improve heart health by reducing triglyceride levels, reducing plaque in arteries, and lowering your blood pressure by interacting with certain blood proteins.

Types of fish high in Omega 3-s are salmon, sardines, cod, tuna and lake trout. Something our eagle must be clued in on.

Salmon is super easy to make and easy to add into any weekly dietary plan. An easy recipe is to simply place a piece of salmon in some aluminum foil.  Add some butter and a little white wine. Then sprinkle the salmon with some fresh dill. Tighten up the foil like a tent and grill on medium heat. Serve with a nice salad and some garlic bread. And you have a heart healthy feast. So tomorrow night… become an eagle and think FISH!

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