Can Hand Washing Really Kill the Corona Virus?


Why is hand washing so important?

An important component of the make up of this virus is that it has a lipid membrane coating it. 

What is a lipid membrane? It is a layer of fat surrounding it. So what?

Well most of the cells in your body have membranes that protect them. Your brain has something called a blood brain barrier. The only substances that get through it easily are those surrounded by a lipid (fat) layer. Your skin, blood vessels, and most organs have similar systems. The more lipid (fat) soluble the substance the easier it is for the substance to cross into your bloodstream and tissues. Drugs are made to be highly lipid soluble. Because the manufacturers know that the higher the lipid solubility the better the drug is absorbed into the body; increasing its effectiveness. The lower the lipid solubility the less effective the drug.

The same is true with a virus and bacteria. Those with a good lipid layer are highly contagious and virulent. They are easily absorbed into tissue. They are protected by this lipid layer making the virus or bacteria more difficult for the immune system to destroy it. 

An important concept is that fat hates soap. You’ve seen in oil spills they wash the ducks and other animals with Dawn soap. Why? Because it breaks down the oil, which is a fat. Soap breaks down this lipid layer in the virus the same way. The more destruction to this lipid layer; the weaker the virus becomes. 

So wash, wash, wash, wash your hands as the CDC is recommending. 

Stay home, stay out of crowds.

Wash your hands after handling mail, boxes, grocery bags, money. Wash your grocery items when you bring them home including containers that the food is in. 

I have started carrying a bottle of dawn soap diluted in water with me in my car so I can immediately wash my hands after pumping gas or going to grocery stores. I wash my key to my car off, the steering wheel, gear shift and door handle. 

Stay safe! And for all the health care workers and their families please stay home!! They are depending on you to be responsible so they can continue to live.

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